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"I found the experience of SSP really positive, as well as increasing my awareness of my own nervous system, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my sleep and feel a lot calmer. Mary made all the information very accessible and made me feel very safe throughout the process, I really recommend working with her if you can." (January 2024)



What is the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)?

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a neuroscience-based intervention that aims to support clients in achieving emotional regulation, improved social engagement, and better stress management.



How Does SSP Work?

SSP involves listening to specially filtered music designed to stimulate the neural pathways responsible for regulating the autonomic nervous system. By listening to this music over a set period, clients may experience:

1.    Enhanced Social Engagement: SSP can help clients improve their ability to connect with others and build healthier relationships.

2.    Emotional Regulation: The programme aids in managing emotional responses and reducing stress, leading to a greater sense of calm.

3.    Improved Sensory Processing: SSP may help clients better process sensory information and reduce hypersensitivity to various stimuli.

Who Can Benefit from SSP?

SSP can be beneficial for individuals of all ages who experience challenges related to stress, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, and difficulties in social engagement. It can prove particularly beneficial for

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder): The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) offers potential support for individuals with PTSD by targeting the autonomic nervous system. This specialised auditory intervention aims to reduce hyperarousal and enhance emotional regulation, factors often disrupted in those with PTSD.

Is SSP Safe?

SSP is a non-invasive and safe programme when conducted under the guidance of a trained practitioner.

Getting Started

Please get in touch to book an assessment to determine suitability for the Safe and Sound Protocol. Following an assessment and assuming suitability, a personalised plan will be discussed to ensure the programme is delivered safely and effectively.

For further information about the Safe and Sound Protocol please go to

"Mary led me through the SSP programme which has had a huge impact. Alongside the therapy, I developed a better sense of feeling calm and feeling safe. My depression and anxiety has reduced quite significantly from before SSP to after. I would highly recommend to anyone considering it - Mary was supportive throughout and we did lots of checking in to make sure I was comfortable with the programme."

(April 2024)

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