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Services and Pricing
I offer counselling to adults and teenagers aged 16 years and over

Online Counselling

I offer online counselling, each session is 50 minutes and costs £65.

Face to Face Counselling

I offer face to face counselling in Great Missenden, each session is 50 minutes and costs £65.

Building Resilience after Trauma Programme

This six-week one-to-one programme is designed to explore the impact of trauma on the brain, with the aim of providing individuals with a better understanding of their experiences. After a traumatic event, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and disconnected at times, although this can feel really upsetting and confusing these reactions are completely natural.

Throughout this programme participants will learn practical tools and strategies to help manage the challenges of everyday life. By providing individuals with knowledge and empowering them to regain control, this programme aims to assist in effectively managing trauma-related symptoms.


This programme is available in both online and face-to-face formats.  £360 for 6 sessions

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