"Mary is a very thoughtful and empathetic listener which was what I sought for in a therapist. She is knowledgeable without being overwhelming, and I especially appreciated her versatility in offering a blend of CBT and DBT to suit my needs. She provided many resources which enabled me to continue contemplating what we discussed in the sessions in my own time. I engaged in almost 20 sessions with Mary over which I made significant progress stabilising my mood, gaining a more secure sense of self, and processing childhood trauma. Of most importance to me was the trust we developed, which allowed me to feel comfortable and in control discussing difficult experiences. I would highly recommend Mary, particularly to anyone struggling with emotional regulation and complex trauma."

“As someone who was approaching counselling for the first time I felt very nervous and uncomfortable about the process. Mary immediately made me feel at ease in my first session and really helped me to begin gaining an understanding of myself.”

"Having someone accept me as I am has been a heartwarming and invaluable experience"

"The biggest change for me was being able to finally feel I could put the past and my abusers into a box, turn the key and file it away for good. They have no power over me now. I'm also eternally grateful to Mary for listening without judgement, for helping me to realise that none of it was my fault but above all for BELIEVING me. I miss her already and will always think of her with great affection and appreciation."

"Mary was so understanding calm and friendly she made me feel so comfortable. Before I didn’t know how to cope with my emotions at all, I hated myself and thought it was all my own fault but Mary has shown me it’s not my fault and helped me learn to cope with my emotions. I feel so much stronger."